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Field Biology 208L Article Critique Assignment This is a two-part assignment in which you will critique the journal article by McLeish et al. (2003), which is posted for you on BlackBoard. Your critique should consist of a summary of the paper and your analysis of the research presented. Chapter 6 of Pechenik (2001) is a very useful guide on how to write summaries and critiques, and also available on BlackBoard. We have split this assignment into two parts to help you write the best critique possible. Part 1 (20 points) Read the assigned paper. Answer the following questions, taken from p. 137 in Pechenik (2001). 1. Why was the study undertaken? To answer this, draw especially from information given in the Introduction and Discussion sections of the paper you have read. 2. What specific questions were addressed? Summarize each question in a single sentence. 3. How were these questions addressed? What specific approaches were taken to address each question on your list? 4.
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