How to make Field notes - How To Make Field Notes (Adapted...

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How To Make Field Notes (Adapted from by Jim Johnson.) Your objective is to create an accurate written record of your field activities, investigations, observations, and thoughts. This assignment is one of the more creative writing assignments for BIO 208L. If you put some effort into it, you will find it very rewarding academically and personally. At 200 points, it is a significant portion of your grade. It requires no expertise or specialized knowledge, just a willingness to put in the effort after every outdoor lab. It is crucial that field journal entries be made as soon as possible after lab, preferably that same evening. The journal needs to have a hard cover, have bound pages (no spirals or rings), and should be unlined or lined. Please avoid the notebooks with pages of tiny squares. Bring your journal to all outdoor labs. GENERAL FORMAT Follow this format in your field notes: 1. Field notes for a particular day should be divided into two sections: journal and species accounts. 2. Write on one side of the paper only. Leave a generous left margin. 3. Write the date at the top of the paper. 4. Write “Journal” in the top margin of your journal pages, and the name of the species in the top margin of your species accounts pages. 5. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs. You can think of field notes as a
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How to make Field notes - How To Make Field Notes (Adapted...

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