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Problem Set 2 E-344 Due: Thursday, 1 June 2006 Summer 2006 at beginning of lecture Callister 3.9 radius of a Tantalum atom Callister 3.30 a, b,c, and d directions in a cubic unit cell Callister 3.39 a, b, c, and d planes in a cubic unit cell Callister 3.40 identifying Miller indices of planes Callister 3.56 “Explain why the properties of polycrystalline materials are most often isotropic.” Callister 12.24 Atomic Packing factor for Cesium Chloride
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Unformatted text preview: Core 3.27 PZT Callister 13.13 viscosity of soda-lime glass Callister 13.D1 a. properties required by ceramic kitchen cookware Core 4.1 list five applications of ceramics Callister 3.23 ion positions in the sodium chloride unit cell Core 4.3 GaAs Core 4.13 SiO 2 (silica) and Si (silicon) transparency to visible light Scan the mutliple choice review questions on the Core and practice on many of them....
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