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apc_section_7 - 7.5 describe the vacancy mechanism of...

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Section 7 – Phase Transformations Students will be able to: 7.1 identify the number and type of phase(s) in a given materials system 7.2 Use Fick’s First Law 7.3 given the boundary conditions and initial conditions characterizing some diffusion process, sketch the evolution of composition profiles with time. 7.4 describe the temperature dependence of the diffusivity in terms Arrhenius behavior.
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Unformatted text preview: 7.5 describe the vacancy mechanism of solid-state diffusion. 7.6 distinguish between nucleation and growth in a phase transformation. 7.7 define surface energy and distinguish it from volume energy 7.8 show that nucleation is based on a balance between volume free energy driving formation of a new phase and surface free energy hindering formation of that same phase....
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