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Section 8 – Phase Diagrams and Alloy Systems Students will be able to: 8.1 use a binary phase diagram to extract information concerning the phases present, how much is present, and what compositions are present for given compositions and temperature. 8.2 sketch typical microstructures under conditions specified by a phase diagram. 8.3 relate the Hume-Rothery rules for solid-solubility to phase-diagram features such as the extent of a phase field or the presence/absence of intermediate compounds. 8.4 Use the Fe-Fe 3 C phase diagram. 8.5 Explain why the solubility of C in BCC is much less than that of FCC iron.
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Unformatted text preview: 8.6 differentiate between ferrite, austentite, martensite, cementite, and pearlite 8.7 using phase diagram and TTT/CCT diagram information, describe heat treatments that will generate steels with different types of microstructures 8.8 describe the steps associated with precipitation hardening 8.9 differentiate between a solid solution and a supersaturated solid solution 8.10 use phase diagrams to identify alloys that lend themselves to precipitation hardening...
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