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MARTIN LINDSTROM TweenSpeak Did you know that close to 80 per cent of all brands purchased by parents – is controlled by their children? You may be surprised to learn that a whopping 67 per cent of all car purchases is also determined by the children of the home – not by the parents. Tweens (8- 14 year- olds) are an increasingly powerful and smart consumer group which last year alone spent and influenced an astounding €1.88 trillion. TweenSpeak Actually almost every aspect of what we have learned about generation tweens has been unforeseen. One of the most surprising findings has been the appearance of what we call TweenSpeak, the first global language ever. From the BRANDchild study we have learned that close to 20 per cent of all tweens across the globe communicate with other tweens in other countries on a daily basis! Close to 2/3 of all tweens across the world in fact change their language when either texting or chatting with their friends. 1/3 states the reason why is because it’s more cool. IN short what we have learned is that the classic grammar is
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