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SITUATIONS REQUIRING ARTIFICIAL FEEDING TECHNIQUES Physiological Problem Recommended Feeding Clinical Situation or Disorder Inability to ingest food Liquid feedings: whole food (blenderized) or milk-based formula Route of administration: Tube nasogastric gastrostomy Carcinoma of esophagus or stomach Dental or oral surgery Inflammatory disease of esophagus Coma Inability to digest food Predigested or chemically defined diet Amino acids and peptides Glucose and dextrins Minerals and vitamins Route of administration: Oral Tube Pancreatitis Enzyme deficiency Biliary tract disease Decreased ability to absorb food Chemically defined diet Route of administration Oral Tube Radiation therapy
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Unformatted text preview: Sprue Inflammatory bowel disease Short bowel syndrome Inability to absorb food Peripheral vein nutritional support Total parenteral nutrition Inability to handle colonic residue Chemically defined diet Route of administration: Oral Tube Peripheral vein nutritional support Total parenteral nutritional supplementation Inflammatory bowel disease Presurgical preparation Ileostomy, colostomy Draining fistula Inability to meet nutritional requirements fully with normal foods Liquid feeding Oral supplements Tube feeding Peripheral vein nutritional support Central vein nutritional supplementation Major surgery Burns Trauma Extended fever Anorexia of chronic illness Anorexia nervosa...
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