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4%20Indications-Contraindications%20for%20EN - ± Paralysis...

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Indications for Use of Enteral Nutrition Conditions that restrict eating Oral and pharyngeal problems Cancer of oral cavity, pharynx or esophagus Severe dysphagia Dental surgery/ periodontal conditions/broken jaw Radical surgery of neck, GI tract, respiratory system Obstruction of esophagus or pylorus Radiation therapy to oral cavity or esophagus GI problems Pancreatitis GI tract fistula Gastroparesis Adaptive phase of short bowel syndrome Hyperemesis of pregnancy Neurological problems Head injury Motor neuron disease Multiple sclerosis Cerebral palsy Myotonic dystrophy Conditions that prevent eating
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Unformatted text preview: ± Paralysis/ traumatic nerve damage ± Stroke ± Anorexia Conditions where nutrient needs are unusually great ± Severe malnutrition ± Extensive burns Contraindications for Use of Enteral Nutrition GI problems ± Severe upper GI bleeding ± Severe paralytic ileus ± Severe GI inflammation (IBD, radiation enteritis) ± Severe acute pancreatitis ± Complete obstruction of small or large bowel ± Short bowel syndrome ± Fistula (high output > 500 cc if location problematic) ± Bowel ischemia ± Intractable vomiting or diarrhea Inability to gain access ± Hypovolemic or septic shock Aggressive therapy not warranted ± Terminal illness...
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