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Classification of Enteral Formulas Product Category Product Characteristics Patient Indications Examples Standard / Polymeric Intact macronutrients Mimics composition of standard American diet (50%-60% carbohydrate, 10%-15% protein, 25%-40% fat calories) isoosmolar to blood (300 mOsm/L) Fully functional GI tract Nothing by mouth < 7d Isocal (Mead Johnson) Isosource (Sandoz) Fortison (Sherwood) Newtrition (Knight Medical) Nutren (Clintec) Osmolite (Ross) Concentrated / Nutrient dense Intact macronutrients Mimics composition of typical American diet Restricted fluid intake Isocal HCN (Mead Johnson) Magnacal (Sherwood) TwoCal HN (Ross) High nitrogen Intact macronutrients >15% of total calories as protein Malnourished, catabolic or elderly patients Isotein HN (Sandoz) Newtrition HN (Knight Medical) Osmolite HN (Ross)
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Unformatted text preview: Sustacal (Mead Johnson) Travasorb (HN) (Clintec) Fiber-containing Contains fiber from natural food sources or from added soy polysaccharide Bowel function regulation Compleat (Sandoz) Enrich (Ross) Jevity (Ross) Vitaneed (Sherwood) Elemental / Monomeric Hydrolyzed macronutrients Hyperosmolar (>450 mOsm/kg) Generally low in total fat (<10%) or may contain 30% of calories as fat with < 50% from long-chain triglyceride Partially functioning GI tract Nothing by mouth > 7 d Criticare HN (Mead Johnson) Peptamen (Clintec) Reabilan (O'Brien) Vital/High Nitrogen (Ross) Vivonex T.E.N. (Norwich Eaton) Disease Specific Varies depending on disease state Disease state such as diabetes Organ failure (renal or hepatic) or pulmonary compromise Glucerna (Ross) Nepro (Ross) Hepatic Aid (Kendall) Pulmocare (Ross) disease...
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