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Complications of Enteral Nutrition Therapy Complications Possible Cause Suggested Management GASTROINTESTINAL Medications Eliminate antibiotics or antacids if possible Eliminate liquid formulations containing sorbitol Fat intolerance Change to low fat formula Bacterial overgrowth Stool culture for pathogens Rx L. acidophilus/L. bulgaricus (Lactinex TM if patients receiving antibiotics Contaminated formula DC current formula Replace bag and tubing using aseptic techniques Adhere to clean standard when changing or manipulating feeds Osmotic overload Decrease concentration of formula Change to isotonic formula Further dilute hypertonic medications Administer medications by alternate route Diarrhea (>4 BM per day or large loose stool) Decreased bulk Change to high fiber formula Administer bulking agents (e.g. psyllium) but not through small bore (10 French) feeding tubes Patient position Position patient on right side to facilitate passage of gastric contents through pylorus Volume overload Decrease total volume Decrease delivery rate to one tolerated previously Advance delivery rate slowly over 12-24 hours Delayed gastric emptying Stop feeding for 2 hours & check residuals Change to low-fat formula Administer prokinetic agent (metoclo- pramide, cisapride) to stimulate GI motility Specific nutrient intolerances Change to lactose-free or low-fat formula Nausea or vomiting GI tract obstruction
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9%20Complications%20of%20Enteral%20Nutrition%20Therapy -...

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