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POTENTIAL VITAMIN/MINERAL DISORDERS Vitamin/Mineral Consider supplementation if: Consider restriction if: Vitamin A Steatorrhea Alcoholism Use of neomycin Use of cholestyramine Vitamin D Steatorrhea Use of corticosteroids Use of cholestyramine Vitamin E Steatorrhea Use of cholestyramine Vitamin B 6 Alcoholism Vitamin B 12 Alcoholism Use of cholestyramine Folate
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Unformatted text preview: Alcoholism Niacin Alcoholism Thiamin Alcoholism High CHO diet Magnesium Alcoholism Use of diuretics Potassium Anabolism Use of insulin Use of K + wasting diuretics Use of K + sparing diuretics Iron Chronic bleeding Hemochromatosis Hemosiderosis Copper Wilsons disease Phosphorus Anabolism Alcoholism Renal failure Zinc Alcoholism Diarrhea Use of diuretics...
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