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IRWIN 9e 2_41

IRWIN 9e 2_41 - Irwin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 91E 1 2.41 Find the power supplied by each source in the circuit in Fig. P24]. 4 (“A " ”I, Figure P241 SOLUTION: ’R =iK ki 2M a» L H2.)i5K Quay : 5%9'2417. V. = 2mC6%%.24) V|: LISV ’PLIMA : Am C“%) ?AMA 3 A72. m N 192mb. '-' (' 2m)<"l%) Paws :— *23émw ______—_—_—._—___———————_—————-—-_ Chapter 2: Resistive Circuits Problem 2.41 ...
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