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CHBE 470 – Process Dynamics and Control – Fall 2007 Homework Set 2 Assigned: Wednesday, September 12 Due: Wednesday, September 19 Note: Please staple your papers and include your name in the first page Use table 7.1 (pages 137-138) from textbook wherever you find appropriate Problem 1: Consider a liquid storage tank with a nonlinear resistance in the outlet flow rate ( h 20 F = , h=liquid level), with the following values for the process parameters: Area A=1 ft 2 , Steady state liquid level h s =9ft, Steady state for the inlet flow rate F s =60 ft 3 /min a) Compute and plot the response of the nonlinear and linearized process models for i) 10% decrease in the inlet flow rate and ii) 85% decreases in the inlet flow rate (Use ode45 from Matlab to compute the solution to the nonlinear ODE) b) Comment on the nature of the responses for the two cases and the validity of the linearized process model.
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