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CHBE 470 – Process Dynamics and Control – Fall 2007 Homework Set 3 Assigned: Wednesday, September 19 Due: Wednesday, September 26 Note: Please staple your papers and include your name in the first page Use table 7.1 from textbook wherever you find appropriate Problem 1: A process of unknown transfer function is subjected to a unit-impulse input. The output of the process is measured accurately and is found to be represented by the function y(t)=te -t . Determine the transfer function of the system. Problem 2: Consider a liquid storage tank with a nonlinear resistance in the outlet flow rate ( h 8 F = , h=liquid level) and with cross-sectional area of Area A=3 ft 2 . Calculate the time constant for this system (after linearization) if the operating liquid level is a) 3 ft and b) 9ft. Problem 3: Consider an isothermal CSTR where the following reaction is taking place: k AB ⎯⎯→ (3.1) Let F i , and c Ai respectively denote the volumetric flow rate (lt/h) and the concentration of A (mol/lt) in the inlet stream. Moreover, F and c
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