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Chapter 8 Guided Review 1. 9.2 x 10 -28 N 2. Unglazed mugs are undesirable because they absorb water. The water molecules become more energetic in a microwave oven thereby causing the mug to heat up. 3. Repel: 1) rub both with fur; 2) rub both with plastic wrap. Attract: 1) rub the first one with fur and the other one with plastic wrap 2) vice versa. 4. 5. a) c b) b 6. a) 125 N/C to the right away from the charge; b) It is 4 times larger because it is half as far away, E 1/r 2 . It points away (to the right) because it is in the direction that the force on a positive charge would be if it were there.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. a) 4.5 x 10-8 N, to the right b) the last one 8. 1 meter from the 1 C charge 9. a) The magnitude of the field is 10 4 N/C; b) the force on a 10 C charge is 0.1N. 10. Q/12 o 11. a) Q/ o b) Q/ o c) Q/ o d) kQ/4R 2 12. 8 C 13. 6.8 x 10 9 m/s 2 14. a) The field lines start at the positive charges and go strait to the negative charges, b) 9.1 x 10 2 N/C, c) The electron will follow a parabolic trajectory upward once it is in the field....
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