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Unformatted text preview: R2 -18V -18V #2 (Ch. 9 GR1) a‐c) ( 9 × 10 )(1 × 10 kQ =4 r 1/ 2 9 U center = 4 ( ) −9 ) = +50.9V d) U center = 2 k ( +Q ) k ( −Q ) −2 = 0V r r #6 (Ch9, SPP1) a) as we add more charges we form a charged plate. b) As we add more negative charges we form a parallel capacitor. c) potential in the center of capacitor is constant d) direction perpendicular the line of charge between charged lines: electric field has maximum close to both plates and minimum in the center (as we add more positive and negative charges on both plates the variation of the electric field in perpendicular direction will be reduced, E=const) Variation of the potential inside the capacitor is shown on the picture below ...
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