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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2009 IAS/ DCRP Professor Ananya Roy IAS 115/ CP 115 Modernity, Poverty, Development: September 8, 2009 I. Paris: “Modernism in the Streets” 1. Revolution: From 1789-1848, France witnesses repeated revolutionary challenges to the absolutist monarchy. In 1848, different social classes unite against the monarchy and establish the Second Republic. Universal suffrage and the right to work were two major principles of the Second Republic. However, in a few months, this provisional government finds itself unable to sustain the class alliance. The propertied classes become nervous; the peasantry resents the high taxes being imposed on them. In June 1848 when the national workshops are shut down, workers and artisans barricade the streets of Paris. The June uprisings are followed by an election where the bourgeoisie and peasantry vote for “order.” By 1852, the Second Republic is replaced by the imperialist forces of Napoleon III and authoritarianism is reasserted in France. 2. Taming Paris: Napoleon III commissions the spatial restructuring of Paris to Baron
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Lecture+Supplement-Sep+8 - University of California...

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