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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2009 IAS/ DCRP Professor Ananya Roy IAS 115/ CP 115 Colonialism and Development: September 10, 2009 To organize a new country is essentially to invent – to invent the future (Alfred de Tarde, Lyautey’s lieutenant) Morocco is a laboratory of Western life and the conservatory of Oriental life (Leandre Vaillat, Parisian art critic, on a visit to Morocco in 1930). I. Algeria: Modernization/ Preservation 1830-1865: military objectives with the French military in charge of urban planning – extensive demolitions; grid plans; imitations of French-style architecture 1865 onwards: assimiliation gives way to associationism, specifically preservation of the Casbah, the native or traditional section of town. II. Experimenting with Modernism: Corbusier’s Plan Obus for Algiers (1930s) Corbusier’s frustration with early 20 th century Paris. Sense of the colonies as a testing ground. Plan Obus for Algiers: preservation of a “museumified” Casbah; linking of a
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Lecture+Supplement-Sep+10 - University of California,...

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