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Unformatted text preview: Road-Er EdolCDCC. ANN BEATTIE I Hem: (£947— luau him in Wartime RC ShMJAnm-im Weenin tie Um'miyafflmm WdeuugfiflHmdMfieL-fimemy Wrginiefihfimmfiwde 'ntFeHnnn-l'u‘pmhmhflrl nhemyrmiasfiebm ‘ inTheNewYorker.Tbmrmiubmemdehr Ewfirfiegemgflfirfmafiqmmwmwfldmm gash:nmmingfin.5hwfimefmmm£fie19flhmfira%dgtmd Wfiw Wmfiamficmfianmmhidanhin theirpuni Her-bash of mummflismrdm (£275). Secrets and Surprises (197.9). The Hunting House {1932). Where You‘ll Find Me U336); “What. Was Mine” and Utherfimries (1.99”. MM Co}: New and Selected Stories (19.93). Her navel: m Chilly Scents oFWmm U976], Falling in Place (3.930). Love Always {i935}. Picturing Will H590}; and My Life. Starring Dara Faloon {£997}. Snow I remember the cold night you brought in a pile of logs and a chipmunk jumped off as you lowered your arms. W doyou thinlryou're doing in here?" you as it ran through the living room. It went through the library and stopped at the Front door as though it knew Hie house well. This would be diflieult for anyone to believe, except perhaps as the subject ofa poem. 0w - first week in die house was spent scraping. finding some of the house’s semis, '_2' like wallpaper underneath wallpaper. In the kitchen, a pattern of “lube-gold If.» _- trellisee supported purple grapes as big and round as Ping-Pang halls. When E' 1;: we pointed the walls fellow, I thought of the hits ofgrape that remained under? neath and imagined the vine popping through, the way tome plants em tEflil- eiously push through anything. The day of the big snow, when you had to shovel Igf ' the wall: and couldn't find your cap and asked me how to wind a towel so that it would stay on your head—you. in the white tiwel turban. like a crazy :f- '-: of snow. People liked the idea of our being together. leasing the city for the. country. So many people visited. and the fireplace made all of them want to .3: {:__- tell amazing stories: the child who happened to be standing on the right earmer '_ when the door of the iee-eream true]: ealne open and hundreds of Popsicles_.'_:z ' washed out; the man standing on the beach. sand sparkling in the sun. one hit: glinting more than the mat. steeping to find a diamond ring. Did they talk ahoilt‘ amazing things because they thought we'd turn into one of them? Now I think. This material may be protected by copyright lat-ir {Title 11 {1.5. Code] 59 Snow I E 3" they probably guessed it wouldn't Wink. It was as hopeless as giving a child a matched cup and sauwr. Remember die night, out on the lean. hose-deep it: snow. chins pointed at the sitsr as the wind whirled throat all fiiat whiteness? It seemed that the amid had been turned upside down, and we were lurking into an enormous field of Queen Anne's laoe.‘ later, headlights off, our car was the First to ride through the news-fl}r fallen snow. The world outside the ear looked mlaflacd. ' You remember it Lhfierently. You remember that the cold settled in stages. that a small clove of light was shaved From the 1mm night after right, until you were no longer surprised the silt].-r was hluclt, that die chipmunk run to hide in the dark, not simply to a. door that led to its escime. Ctur sisitors told the some stories pimple alwan tell. Clue night, giving me a lesson in storfieliing, you said, "Any life will seem dramatic if you omit mention u‘rlIIUSt edit." This. then1 for drama.- I thrive hack to that house not long ago. it nus April. and Allen had died. In spite of all the visitors. fillen. next door. had been the good friend in bad times. I sat with his wife in their living room. looking out the glass doors to the backyard, and there was fillmt's pml. still assured with blaolr plastic that had been stretched aeross it For winter. It had rained. and as the rain fell, the water collected more and more water until it finallyr spilled onto the. mncrete. When 1 left that day. I dnwe past what had been our house. Three or four crumsses 1were bloomng in the hoot—lust a few dots of white. no field of snow. I felt embarrassed [or fliem. They muldn‘t compete. This is a story, told the way you say stories should be told: Somebody grew up, Fall in ltwe. and spent :1 Motor with her lover in the country. This. oFcou rat. is the barest outline, and futile to discuss. It's as lmintless as throwing birdseed on the ground while SIIUW still falls Fast. Who aspects small things to survive when even the largest get lost? Pimple forget years and remember moments. Stat-raids and symbols are left to sum things up: the black sin-mid over the pool. have. in its shortest form, becomes a word. What I remember about all that time. is one winter. The aim. Ewen new. "snow." my lips move so that the}.r kiss the all“. No mention has been made or the simplest that seemed alt-rays to be there, scraping snew oil our nan-cm road—an artery cleared, though neither of as oode issue said where. the heart has. I. Drum rel-um, the wild form nl'llhe carrot. ...
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roeder_snow_eng_1000_2 - Road-Er EdolCDCC ANN BEATTIE I...

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