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Unformatted text preview: ENGRD2020 MECHANICS OF SOLIDS Course Syllabus Fall Semester 2009 Log in at: Week Date Topic Reading Due Homework (Due as noted) 1 Fri Aug.28 Introduction to Statics; Forces S1.12.8 9/1: S2.13; S2.30; S2.36; S2.40 2 Mon Aug.31 Particle Equilibrium/ FBDs (2D) S2.92.11 9/4: S2.45; S2.56; S2.66 Wed Sept.2 Particle Equilibrium/ FBDs (3D) S2.122.15 9/4: S2.80; S2.89; S2.114, 2.C3 Fri Sept.4 Rigid Body: Applied Moments S3.13.11 9/8: S3.3; S3.12; S3.47; S3.55 3 Mon Sept.7 Rigid Body: Applied Couples S3.123.18 9/11: S3.72; S3.83; S3.88; S3.113 Wed Sept.9 Equilibrium of 2D Rigid Bodies S4.14.4 9/11: S4.7; S4.15; S4.28 Fri Sept.11 More Equilibrium of 2D Rigid Bodies S4.54.6 9/15: S4.44; S4.58; S4.74 4 Mon Sept.14 Quiz #1 2D/3D Rigid Bodies S4.7 9/18: S4.88; Handout #1 Wed Sept.16 Equil of 3D Rigid Bodies S4.84.9 9/18: S4.104; S4.133; S4.C3 Fri Sept.18 Centroids and CG S5.15.6 9/22: S5.8; S5.30; S5.37 5 Mon Sept.21 Distributed Loads on Beams5 Mon Sept....
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