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Discussion Questions for Movie, “The Fog of War” 1. Is McNamara a realist, a liberal internationalist or some mix? What makes you think so? Think about specific statements that he makes and what they imply about his world view. 2. What does McNamara think about MAD? 3. How stable does McNamara think the Cold War peace was? Why? 4. How does McNamara define security? How broad is his definition? What does it include and exclude? Is it similar to a realist’s definition? 5. Throughout the movie, what levels of analysis are being discussed and highlighted as
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Unformatted text preview: important? 6. What level of analysis does McNamara focus on the most? Why? Is this a good thing or a mistake? What is missing? 7. What was so important about the meeting with North Vietnamese leaders decades after the Vietnam war had ended? 8. To McNamara, what caused the Vietnam War? How is this applicable to foreign policy today? 9. To what does the “fog of war” refer? 1...
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