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Study Guide for Everything Not on First 2 Study Guides (Final is Cumulative) International Political Economy Mercantilism and Realism Liberalism and IPE Relative vs. Absolute Gains Sanctions Substitution Vulnerability Sensitivity Geo-economics Iron Triangle Government Intervention Market Failures Transition costs Opportunity costs Economic Liberals Private vs. Public Goods Nonexcludable Jointness of supply Free riders Public good production Reciprocity Regimes Bretton Woods GATT European Union Globalization: New and Old Transnational Interactions vs. Sovere- ingty Transnational Terror and Crime Pape and the Logic of Suicide Terror- ism Dependence vs. Interdependence Externalities Tragedy of the Commons Common-pool resources (CPRs) Forced Riders Solutions for CPRs
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Unformatted text preview: • Unsustainable vs. Sustainable Develop-ment • Global Warming • Exponential Growth • Doubling Time • Causes of Population Growth • Demographic Problems • Stages of Population Growth • Malthusians • Cornucopians • Inclusionists • Exclusionists • Reason for Scarcity • Kyoto Protocol (and its relationship to CPRs) • The Causes of War and Scarcity 1 • Fukuyama’s End of History (argument, predictions, and problems) • Fallacies of Materialism • Wall Street Journal School • Mueller and the Long Peace (argument, predictions, and problems) • Mearsheimer’s predictions (argument, predictions, and problems) • Huntington’s Clash of civilizations (ar-gument,predictions, and problems) 2...
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Study_Guide_FINAL20 - • Unsustainable vs Sustainable...

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