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Test 2 Study Guide

Test 2 Study Guide - • Positivism Liberals and...

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IAFS 1000: Study Guide, Exam 2 Discussion Questions for “13 Days” Liberal and Realists ideas about Cuban Missile Crisis Misperceptions and the Cuban Missile Crisis Security Dilemma Offense/Defense Balance Offense/Defense Differentiation Jervis and Cooperation Kenneth Waltz and Nuclear Weapons Missile defense, national vs. theater ABM Treaty Missile defense and the security dilemma Safeguard system Patriot missile system Wilson’s Community of Power Cobden and International Arbitration Realists vs. Pacifists The Just War Tradition Just Cause Last resort Proportionality Discrimination Double Effect jus ad bellum jus in bello Public Declaration Legitimate authority Naturalism and International Law
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Unformatted text preview: • Positivism, Liberals and International Law • Consent/pacts are sacred • Realism on International Law • Sources of International Law • Functions of International Law • The tension between sovereign • Communitarians vs. Cosmopolitians • Collective Security • Peacekeeping vs. Peace-building • Human Security • Types of Peace • Democratic Peace • Cultural Explanation for Dem. Peace • Structural Explanation for Dem. Peace • Kantian Tripod of Peace • Economic Interdependence and Peace • IOs and Peace • World Federalism • Functionalism • Security Community • International Organization • International Organizations • Realists and IOs • IO Functions 1...
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