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13 Discussion Questions on “Thirteen Days” 1 1. What options were on the table for the US government? Think about what was considered? What were the likely outcomes? 2. What would a realist have done in Kennedy’s shoes? A liberal? You? 3. How do you think the crisis would have played out if nuclear weapons did not exist? No crisis? Higher probability of escalation? 4. Pay close attention to what analogies are used. . . Munich (appeasement), Bay of Pigs (over-optimism), WWI/Guns of August (theories of last war). Were these useful or misleading? Are situations ever “analogous.” 5. How important was secrecy in the peaceful resolution of the crisis? What was kept private? For how long? was it necessary? Would it have been possible today? 6. What role did sovereignty play in the crisis? What about spheres of influence? Does this support the realist view of international relations? 7. Are any of the lessons from the Cuban missile crisis applicable to post-Cold War relations? Can you apply them to the War in Iraq or middle east diplomacy?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Why was Stevenson’s speech about trading missiles in Cuba for US missiles in Turkey and US bases in Guantanamo so dramatic? Why was the “fictionally-enhanced”-Costner character so against it? 9. Would the crisis have been easier to resolve if the USSR was a democracy? Think about the reaction to Stevenson’s suggestion and congress’s reaction. Does that make a di±erence? 10. Can you think about the crisis from Moscow’s point of view? What did the nuclear test look like? What did the US reconnaissance flights look like? What about going to DEFCON 2 and the missile test at Vandenberg Air force base? 11. During the crisis, what would you estimate the probability of nuclear war was? 12. In your book on page 206, compare the “game” to the Cuban missile crisis. Is it helpful to think about things this way? 13. What is the moral of the story? If you build it (missiles) they will come? 1 The short answer questions on your next test will be based on these questions. 1...
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