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Week Date Results, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines Homework Due (with rough time estimates) Comments Stamped notes (Tuesday class) (insert X) Stamped notes (Thursday class) (insert X) 1 8/25 - 8/27 (Topic: Course Intro) Overview of Neat Ideas Fair Overview of Entrepreneur simulation Lecture: Chapter 1 Sign up for Yahoo Groups (10 minutes) Download and Study syllabus (30 minutes) Please purchase your books. (15 minutes) Read Chapter 1 Read Harvard Business Review (HBR): The Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer Print out name tent (5 minutes) Welcome to You can buy at the school bookstore, Barnes and Noble, or online at or If online, get shipment via Priority Mail. 1 2 2 9/1 - 9/3 Lecture: Chapter 2 (Last day to drop is Sept. 3) Indiv. Quiz #1 (chapters 1-2); Study Chapter 2 Read HBR: How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies That Work Fill out online questionnaire (link on Yahoo Groups) (15 minutes) Signed & printed contract assignment must be turned in at the start of class 9/3/09 (15 minutes) You can turn in contract in 6 th floor business tower to an office assistant Make sure the contract is time- stamped using the machine Assistant will put in instructor’s office in-box 3 4 3 9/8 - 9/10 Lecture Chapter 3 Indiv. Quiz #2 (chapter 3) In-class activity (Sept. 11 is last day to add) Study Chapter 3 Form study group for midterm #1 at the start of 9/10 class (5 minutes) Review contents of study guide Assist each other in completing speed dating homework (1 hour) Looking forward: 9/14 (6 - 7:30 PM) Attend Formal NIF kick-off through Speaker event on ‘How to generate new business ideas’ Visit for details 5 6 4 9/15 - 9/17 Indiv. Test #1 (Chapters 1-3) Bring list of the top 10-15 students that you want to meet based on reviewing videos, schedules, and dating form Speed Dating Form teams for quizzes, Neat Ideas Fair, and simulation Review Chapters 1-3 Register to Neat Ideas Fair by 11/18 Submit list of team members by 9/17 at 2 PM Register for by 9/20 with credit card (see instructions in Yahoo Groups or via e-mail) Speed dating homework: Upload content to web site designated by instructor. Content should include the following: Link to 1-minute video in Flash, QuickTime, or link to YouTube (15 minutes) Borrow a laptop from a friend or go to Apple Store if you do not have a webcam to create your video General schedule (10 minutes) Downloadable completed speed dating form in .XLS or PDF format For best results, your entire team should have studied the manual and have taken the online quiz at before making decisions. Reminder: 9/14 (6 - 7:30 PM) Attend
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Schedule_BUS181_Fall2009_V4 - Week Results, Readings,...

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