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BE 130: Molecular Physical Chemistry Homework #4: due Thursday, February 7, 2008 Winter 2008 1. Tinoco Problem 1. A key step in the biosynthesis of triglycerides (fats) is the conversion of glycerol to glycerol-1-phosphate by ATP: ADP phosphate glycerol ATP glycerol Mg + ⎯→ + + 1 2 At a steady state in the living cell, (ATP) = 10 -3 M and (ADP) = 10 -4 M. The maximum (equilibrium) value of the ratio of (glycerol-1-P)/(glycerol) is observed to be 770 at 25ºC and pH 7. (a) Calculate K and Δ Gº’ 298 for the reaction. (b) Using the value of Δ Gº’ 298 for the reaction ADP + Pi Æ ATP + H 2 0, together with the answer to part (a), calculate Δ Gº’ 298 and K for the reaction (c) Glycerol + phosphate Æ glycerol-1-phosphate + H 2 0 2. Tinoco Problem 6. (a) Use the following equilibrium constants to calculate Δ Hº from the slope of ln K vs. (1/T) for the reaction 3-phosphoglycerate to 2-phosphoglycerate at pH 7. T (ºC)
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