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Untitled II. THE STORY OF EVOLUTION 53 The beginning of the earth--Making a home for life--The first living creatures--The first plants--The first animals--Beginnings of bodies--Evolution of sex--Beginning of natural death--Procession of life through the ages--Evolution of land animals--The flying dragons--The first known bird--Evidences of evolution--Factors in evolution. III. ADAPTATIONS TO ENVIRONMENT 113 The shore of the sea--The open sea--The deep sea--The fresh waters--The dry land--The air. IV. THE STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE 135 Animal and bird mimicry and disguise--Other kinds of elusiveness. V. THE ASCENT OF MAN 153 Anatomical proof of man's relationship with a Simian stock--Physiological proof--Embryological proof--Man's pedigree--Man's arboreal apprenticeship--Tentative men--Primitive men--Races of mankind--Steps in human evolution--Factors in human progress. VI. EVOLUTION GOING ON 183 Evolutionary prospect for man--The fountain of change; variability--Evolution of plants--Romance of
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