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Untitled ROTATING DISC OF SIR ISAAC NEWTON FOR MIXING COLOURS 283 NIAGARA FALLS 286 TRANSFORMATION OF ENERGY 287 Photo: Stephen Cribb. "BOILING" A KETTLE ON ICE 287 THE CAUSE OF TIDES 290 THE AEGIR ON THE TRENT 290 Photo: G. Brocklehurst. A BIG SPRING TIDE, THE AEGIR ON THE TRENT 291 Photo: G. Brocklehurst. The Outline of Science INTRODUCTION There is abundant evidence of a widened and deepened interest in modern science. How could it be otherwise when we think of the magnitude and the eventfulness of recent advances? But the interest of the general public would be even greater than it is if the makers of new knowledge were more willing to expound their discoveries in ways that could be "understanded of the people." No one objects very much to technicalities in a game or on board a yacht, and they are clearly necessary for terse and precise scientific description. It is certain, however, that they can be reduced to a minimum without
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