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Untitled flowers and their insect-visitors; the life-histories of individual types and the extraordinary results of the new inquiry called "experimental embryology"--these also are among the subjects with which this OUTLINE will deal. The behaviour of animals is another fascinating study, leading to a provisional picture of the dawn of mind. Indeed, no branch of science surpasses in interest that which deals with the ways and habits--the truly wonderful devices, adaptations, and instincts--of insects, birds, and mammals. We no longer deny a degree of intelligence to some members of the animal world--even the line between intelligence and reason is sometimes difficult to find. Fresh contacts between physiology and the study of man's mental life; precise studies of the ways of children and wild peoples; and new methods like those of the psycho-analyst must also receive the attention they deserve, for they are giving us a "New Psychology" and the claims of psychical research must also be recognised by the open-minded. The general aim of the OUTLINE is to give the reader a clear and concise
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