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Science2 - 00018

Science2 - 00018 - Untitled_one half mile away The hours...

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Untitled _one half mile_ away. The hours, days, and years are the measures of time as we use them; that is: Jupiter's "Day" (one rotation of the planet) is made in ten of _our hours_; Mercury's "Year" (one revolution of the planet around the Sun) is eighty-eight of _our days_. Mercury's "Day" and "Year" are the same. This planet turns always the same side to the Sun.] [Illustration: THE COMPARATIVE SIZES OF THE SUN AND THE PLANETS (Drawn approximately to scale) On this scale the Sun would be 17-1/2 inches in diameter; it is far greater than all the planets put together. Jupiter, in turn, is greater than all the other planets put together.] Except when the winds rise to a high speed, we seem to live in a very tranquil world. At night, when the glare of the sun passes out of our atmosphere, the stars and planets seem to move across the heavens with a stately and solemn slowness. It was one of the first discoveries of modern astronomy that this movement is only apparent. The apparent
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