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Science2 - 00021

Science2 - 00021 - Untitled can easily acquiesce in the...

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Untitled can easily acquiesce in the statement that it is the greatest instrument ever devised by the brain and hand of man." Such are some of the questions with which modern astronomy deals. To answer them requires the employment of instruments of almost incredible refinement and exactitude and also the full resources of mathematical genius. Whether astronomy be judged from the point of view of the phenomena studied, the vast masses, the immense distances, the Aons of time, or whether it be judged as a monument of human ingenuity, patience, and the rarest type of genius, it is certainly one of the grandest, as it is also one of the oldest, of the sciences. The Solar System In the Solar System we include all those bodies dependent on the sun which circulate round it at various distances, deriving their light and heat from the sun--the planets and their moons, certain comets and a multitude of meteors: in other words, all bodies whose movements in space are determined by the gravitational pull of the sun. The Sun
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