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Science2 - 00025

Science2 - 00025 - Untitled from any substance which has...

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Untitled from any substance which has been made incandescent may be observed with the spectroscope in the same way, and each element can be thus separated. It is found that each substance (in the same conditions of pressure, etc.) gives a constant spectrum of its own. _Each metal displays its own distinctive colour. It is obvious, therefore, that the spectrum provides the means for identifying a particular substance._ It was by this method that we discovered in the sun the presence of such well-known elements as sodium, iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium. [Illustration: _Yerkes Observatory._ FIG. 9.--THE GREAT SUN-SPOT OF JULY 17, 1905] [Illustration: _From photographs taken at the Yerkes Observatory._ FIG. 10.--SOLAR PROMINENCES These are about 60,000 miles in height. The two photographs show the vast changes occurring in ten minutes. October 10, 1910.] [Illustration: _Photo: Mount Wilson Observatory._ FIG. 11.--MARS, October 5, 1909 Showing the dark markings and the Polar Cap.] [Illustration: FIG. 12.--JUPITER Showing the belts which are probably cloud formations.]
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