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Science2 - 00026

Science2 - 00026 - Untitled be in the earth We have...

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Untitled be in the earth. We have identified an element in the sun before we were able to isolate it on the earth. We have been able even to point to the coolest places on the sun, the centres of sun-spots, where alone the temperature seems to have fallen sufficiently low to allow chemical compounds to form. It is thus we have been able to determine what the stars, comets, or nebulA are made of. ± Unique Discovery In 1868 Sir Norman Lockyer detected a light coming from the prominences of the sun which was not given by any substance known on earth, and attributed this to an unknown gas which he called helium, from the Greek _helios_, the sun. _In 1895 Sir William Ramsay discovered in certain minerals the same gas identified by the spectroscope._ We can say, therefore, that this gas was discovered in the sun nearly thirty years before it was found on earth; this discovery of the long-lost heir is as thrilling a chapter in the detective story of science as any in the sensational stories of the day, and makes us feel quite certain that our
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