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Untitled The question is whether these "radio-active" elements are undergoing disintegration, or formation, in the sun. If they are undergoing disintegration--and the sun itself is undoubtedly radio-active--then we have another source of heat for the sun that will last indefinitely. THE PLANETS LIFE IN OTHER WORLDS? § 1 It is quite clear that there cannot be life on the stars. Nothing solid or even liquid can exist in such furnaces as they are. Life exists only on planets, and even on these its possibilities are limited. Whether all the stars, or how many of them, have planetary families like our sun, we cannot positively say. If they have, such planets would be too faint and small to be visible tens of trillions of miles away. Some astronomers think that our sun may be exceptional in having planets, but their reasons are speculative and unconvincing. Probably a large proportion at least of the stars have planets, and we may therefore survey the globes of our own solar system and in a general way extend the results to the
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