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Science2 - 00029

Science2 - 00029 - Untitled Nos 1 and 2 show the effect of...

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Untitled Nos. 1 and 2 show the effect of the planet's rotation. Nos. 3 and 4 depict quite different sections. Note the change in the polar snow-caps in the last two.] [Illustration: FIG. 16.--THE MOON, AT NINE AND THREE-QUARTER DAYS Note the mysterious "rays" diverging from the almost perfectly circular craters indicated by the arrows (Tycho, upper; Copernicus, lower), and also the mountains to the right with the lunar dawn breaking on them.] We turn to Mars; and we must first make it clear why there is so much speculation about life on Mars, and why it is supposed that, if there _is_ life on Mars, it must be more advanced than life on the earth. Is there Life on Mars? The basis of this belief is that if, as we saw, all the globes in our solar system are masses of metal that are cooling down, the smaller will have cooled down before the larger, and will be further ahead in their development. Now Mars is very much smaller than the earth, and must have cooled at its surface millions of years before the earth did. Hence, if
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