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Science2 - 00041

Science2 - 00041 - Untitled_By A Hilger Ltd The light is...

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Untitled (_By A. Hilger, Ltd._) The light is brought through one telescope, is split up by the prism, and the resulting spectrum is observed through the other telescope.] But there is a device whereby the power of these giant instruments, great as it is, can be still further heightened. That device is the simple one of allowing the photographic plate to take the place of the human eye. Nowadays an astronomer seldom spends the night with his eye glued to the great telescope. He puts a photographic plate there. The photographic plate has this advantage over the eye, that it builds up impressions. However long we stare at an object too faint to be seen, we shall never see it. With the photographic plate, however, faint impressions go on accumulating. As hour after hour passes, the star which was too faint to make a perceptible impression on the plate goes on affecting it until finally it makes an impression which can be made visible. In this way the photographic plate reveals to us phenomena in
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