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Science2 - 00057

Science2 - 00057 - Untitled 7 The motor nerve-fibre ends on...

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Untitled 7. The motor nerve-fibre ends on a muscle-fibre (M.F.) near the surface. This moves and the reflex action is complete.] [Illustration: _Photo: British Museum_ (_Natural History_). THE YUCCA MOTH The Yucca Moth, emerging from her cocoon, flies at night to a Yucca flower and collects pollen from the stamens, holding a little ball of it in her mouth-parts. She then visits another flower and lays an egg in the seed-box. After this she applies the pollen to the tip of the pistil, thus securing the fertilisation of the flower and the growth of the ovules in the pod. Yucca flowers in Britain do not produce seeds because there are no Yucca Moths.] [Illustration: INCLINED PLANE OF ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR Diagram illustrating animal behaviour. The main line represents the general life of the creature. On the upper side are activities implying initiative; on the lower side actions which are almost automatic. _Upper Side._--I. Energetic actions. II. Simple tentatives. III.
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