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Untitled enabled to climb on the branches of trees with great dexterity until such time as the wings are strong enough to sustain it in flight.] [Illustration: _Photograph, from the British Museum (Natural History), of a drawing by Mr. E. Wilson._ PERIPATUS A widely distributed old-fashioned type of animal, somewhat like a permanent caterpillar. It has affinities both with worms and with insects. It has a velvety skin, minute diamond-like eyes, and short stump-like legs. A defenceless, weaponless animal, it comes out at night, and is said to capture small insects by squirting jets of slime from its mouth.] [Illustration: _Photo: W. S. Berridge, F.Z.S._ ROCK KANGAROO CARRYING ITS YOUNG IN A POUCH The young are born so helpless that they cannot even suck. The mother places them in the external pouch, and fitting their mouths on the teats injects the milk. After a time the young ones go out and in as they please.] It is not an easy haunt of life, but none the worse for that, and it is tenanted to-day by representatives of practically every class of animals
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