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Science2 - 00067

Science2 - 00067 - Untitled in dominating the seas_RECENT...

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Untitled in dominating the seas. _______________________________________________________________________ _RECENT TIMES_ Human civilisation. _______________________________________________________________________ {PLEISTOCENE OR GLACIAL TIME Last great Ice Age. _CENOZOIC ERA_ {MIOCENE AND PLIOCENE TIMES Emergence of Man. {EOCENE AND OLIGOCENE TIMES Rise of higher mammals. _______________________________________________________________________ {CRETACEOUS PERIOD Rise of primitive mammals, { flowering plants, { and higher insects. _MESOZOIC ERA_ {JURASSIC PERIOD Rise of birds and flying { reptiles. {TRIASSIC PERIOD Rise of dinosaur reptiles. _______________________________________________________________________ {PERMIAN PERIOD Rise of reptiles. {CARBONIFEROUS PERIOD Rise of insects. {DEVONIAN PERIOD First amphibians. _PALÆOZOIC ERA_ {SILURIAN PERIOD Land animals began. {ORDOVICIAN PERIOD First fishes. {CAMBRIAN PERIOD Peopling of the sea. _______________________________________________________________________ _PROTEROZOIC AGES_ Many of the Backboneless stocks began. _ARCHÆOZOIC AGES_ Living creatures began to be upon the earth. _______________________________________________________________________ {Making of continents and ocean-basins. {Beginnings of atmosphere and hydrosphere. _FORMATIVE TIMES_ {Cooling of the earth. {Establishment of the solar system. _______________________________________________________________________ In the _Silurian_ period in which the peopling of the seas went on apace, there was the first known attempt at colonising the dry land. For
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