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Science2 - 00068

Science2 - 00068 - Untitled discoverer of the Devonian...

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Untitled discoverer of the Devonian foot-print of _Thinopus_, the first known Amphibian foot-print--an eloquent vestige of the third great invasion of the dry land. It was probably from a stock of Devonian lung-fishes that the first Amphibians sprang, but it was not till the next period that they came to their own. While they were still feeling their way, there was a remarkable exuberance of shark-like and heavily armoured fishes in the Devonian seas. EVOLUTION OF LAND ANIMALS § 1 Giant Amphibians and Coal-measures The _Carboniferous_ period was marked by a mild moist climate and a luxuriant vegetation in the swampy low grounds. It was a much less strenuous time than the Devonian period; it was like a very long summer. There were no trees of the type we see now, but there were forests of club-mosses and horsetails which grew to a gigantic size compared with their pigmy representatives of to-day. In these forests the jointed-footed invaders of the dry land ran riot in the form of centipedes, spiders, scorpions, and insects, and on these the primeval
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