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Untitled CRAB These molluscs are particularly fond of crustaceans, which they crunch with their parrot's beak-like jaws. Their salivary juice has a paralysing effect on their prey. To one side, below the eye, may be seen the funnel through which water is very forcibly ejected in the process of locomotion.] [Illustration: A COMMON STARFISH, WHICH HAS LOST THREE ARMS AND IS REGROWING THEM The lowest arm is being regrown double. (_After Professor W. C. McIntosh._)] [Illustration: A PHOTOGRAPH SHOWING A STARFISH (_Asterias Forreri_) WHICH HAS CAPTURED A LARGE FISH The suctorial tube-feet are seen gripping the fish firmly. (After an observation on the Californian coast.)] [Illustration: _Photo: J. J. Ward, F.E.S._ THE PAPER NAUTILUS (ARGONAUTA), AN ANIMAL OF THE OPEN SEA The delicate shell is made by the female only, and is used as a shelter for the eggs and young ones. It is secreted by two of the arms, not by the mantle as other mollusc shells are. It is a single-chambered shell, very different from that of the Pearly Nautilus.] Keen Struggle for Existence
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