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Untitled in the figure. After a period of free swimming and a remarkable metamorphosis, the animal settles down on the floor of the sea in relatively shallow water.] [Illustration: _Photo: British Museum (Natural History)_ AN INTRICATE COLONY OF OPEN-SEA ANIMALS (_Physophora Hydrostatica_) RELATED TO THE PORTUGUESE MAN-OF-WAR There is great division of labor in the colony. At the top are floating and swimming "persons"; the long ones below are offensive "persons" bearing batteries of stinging cells; in the middle zone there are nutritive, reproductive, and other "persons." The color of the colony is a fine translucent blue. Swimmers and bathers are often badly stung by this strange animal and its relatives.] [Illustration: A SCENE IN THE GREAT DEPTHS Showing a deep-sea fish of large gape, two feather-stars on the end of long stalks, a "sea-spider" (or Pycnogon) walking on lanky legs on the treacherous ooze, likewise a brittle-star, and some deep-sea corals.] The fauna of the shore is remarkably _representative_--from unicellular
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