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Science2 - 00088

Science2 - 00088 - Untitled Enough has been said to show...

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Untitled Enough has been said to show that the successive conquests of the dry land had great evolutionary results. It is hardly too much to say that the invasion which the Amphibians led was the beginning of better brains, more controlled activities, and higher expressions of family life. [Illustration: ALBATROSS: A CHARACTERISTIC PELAGIC BIRD OF THE SOUTHERN SEA It may have a spread of wing of over 11 feet from tip to tip. It is famous for its extraordinary power of "sailing" round the ship without any apparent strokes of its wings.] VI. THE AIR There are no animals thoroughly aerial, but many insects spend much of their adult life in the free air, and the swift hardly pauses in its flight from dawn to dusk of the long summer day, alighting only for brief moments at the nest to deliver insects to the young. All the active life of bats certainly deserves to be called aerial. The air was the last haunt of life to be conquered, and it is interesting to inquire what the conquest implied. (1) It meant
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  • Fall '08
  • Popescu,C
  • Flying and gliding animals, great evolutionary results, CHARACTERISTIC PELAGIC BIRD, elongated mobile ribs, extremely rapid striking

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