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Science2 - 00093

Science2 - 00093 - Untitled there any white_pigment the...

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Untitled there any white _pigment_; the white _colour_ is like that of snow or foam, it is due to the complete reflection of the light from innumerable minute surfaces of crystals or bubbles. [Illustration: _Photo: W. S. Berridge, F.Z.S._ BANDED KRAIT: A VERY POISONOUS SNAKE WITH ALTERNATING YELLOW AND DARK BANDS It is very conspicuous and may serve as an illustration of warning coloration. Perhaps, that is to say, its striking coloration serves as an advertisement, impressing other creatures with the fact that the Banded Krait should be left alone. It is very unprofitable for a snake to waste its venom on creatures it does not want.] [Illustration: _Photos: W. S. Berridge, F.Z.S._ THE WARTY CHAMELEON The upper photograph shows the Warty Chameleon inflated and conspicuous. At another time, however, with compressed body and adjusted coloration, the animal is very inconspicuous. The lower photograph shows the sudden protrusion of the very long tongue on a fly.] [Illustration: SEASONAL COLOUR-CHANGE: A SUMMER SCENE IN NORTH
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