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General Physics I - 1D Motion Motion = change in position (x) Distance (d) = total path length Scalar = magnitude only (speed) Vector = magnitude and direction (velocity) = indicated in BOLD type Displacement: x [m] = x 2 - x 1 (+ or -) Speed and velocity: s [m/s] = d/ t (speed) v [m/s]= x/ t = (x-x o )/(t-t o ) can be + or - {average (overhead bar) vs. instantaneous} t o is usually “zero” Graphically: slope = x/ t = v Acceleration: a [m/s 2 ] = v/ t = (v - v o )/(t - t o ) also a vector + or - (braking), vector vs. instantaneous 1) change in magnitude 2) change in direction 3) change in both
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