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TOUPPER(3) Linux Programmer’sManual TOUPPER(3) NAME toupper ,tolower - convert letter to upper or lower case SYNOPSIS #include <ctype.h> int toupper (int c ); int tolower (int c ); DESCRIPTION toupper() converts the letter c to upper case, if possible. tolower() converts the letter c to lower case, if possible. RETURN VALUE The value returned is that of the converted letter ,or c if the conversion was not possible. CONFORMING TO
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Unformatted text preview: The details of what constitutes an uppercase or lowercase letter depend on the current locale. For example, the default &quot;C&quot; locale does not know about umlauts, so no conversion is done for them. In some non - English locales, there are lowercase letters with no corresponding uppercase equivalent; the German sharp s is one example. SEE ALSO isalpha (3), setlocale (3), locale (7) GNU April 4, 1993 1...
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