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The Immune System [C7115] 1 The Immune System Summer 2009 Course organiser: Dr Kathy Triantafilou Room 2C29 Phone 8362 e-mail [email protected]
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The Immune System [C7115] 2 Course objectives The main aim is to provide you with knowledge and understanding of the organs, cells and functions of the immune system. The course should increase your knowledge of how the immune system works and how it protects our organism from invading pathogens. Learning outcomes At the end of this module, and with further independent study, you should be able to: 1. describe and demonstrate an understanding of the organs and cells of the immune system; 2. understand what is meant by innate immunity; 3. understand what is meant by acquired immunity 4. explain how the structures of the antibody classes are related to their function; 5. explain how antibody diversity is generated; 6. explain how T-cell receptor diversity is generated; 7. explain how cell mediated and humoral immune responses are coordinated; 8. understand the function of cytokines and cytokine receptors 9. explain how vaccines are developed; 10. explain what is meant by the concept of tumour immunology. “Transferable skills” So called “transferable skills” are an integral part of the course – you should develop these simply by doing the work set and following the advice of all those involved in teaching the course. Examples of these skills are: (a) the ability to plan work and meet deadlines, e.g., preparation of the case study and submission of the work required; (b) the ability to communicate fluently orally and in writing, e.g., present the assigned case study; (c) the ability to work effectively as part of a team, e.g., teamwork is required in order to write up the case study. Teaching and Learning Methods
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The_Immune_System09_HandBook - The Immune System [C7115] 1...

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