201010 DIG 2430 syllabus

201010 DIG 2430 syllabus - DIG 2430 – Digital...

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Teacher-Robert McCaffrey Fall 2009 Course Syllabus [email protected] Course Number DIG 2430 Hours 3 Credit / 3 Contact Course Dates September 4 th , 2009 – December 18 th , 2009 Course Meetings Fridays from 1:30 – 3:45 PM in room 1-151 Prerequisites Minimum grade of C in ART 1300C or departmental approva l Text Writing for Visual Media (2 nd Edition) By Anthony Friedman CONTACT INFO Email: [email protected] Office phone: 407 582-2784 You can also leave messages for me at the Arts and Entertainment department by visiting room 3-106. Office hours are posted next to my door in room 1-147. COURSE DESCRIPTION The course focuses on the use of narrative forms in interactive media and other new technologies. Students will explore and create non-linear and interactive story structures. COURSE OBJECTIVES Major topics of this class include: The role of narrative structure in new and emerging technologies. Narrative structure in a digital media project. Types of narrative structure (linear, non- linear, interactive). Storyboarding. ATTENDANCE Points are taken from your grade for being late to or missing class. Communicating with me regarding your tardiness/absence may reduce your points off. (Please do this via phone message or e-mail…not during class). In addition to time in class, you need to allow time outside of class for equipment check out, producing your project and working in the lab. ELECTRONIC DEVICES If you have to use a cell or other electronic device, please do so in a way that does not disturb class. COMPETENCIES This class assumes you are familiar with basic skills, concepts and methods of drawing. how to word process and how to use email. COMPUTER POLICY Computers fail…plan for it. No computer or printer error will excuse late or missed assignments. Hit save. Backup files. Establish dominance! INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS lecture. homework assignments. in-class exercises and discussions. graded and non-graded exams. MAKEUP POLICY I don’t accept late work. OK, I lied. If you inform me before the
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This note was uploaded on 10/05/2009 for the course DIG DIG 2430 taught by Professor Robertmccaffrey during the Spring '09 term at Valencia.

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201010 DIG 2430 syllabus - DIG 2430 – Digital...

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