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Unformatted text preview: Narrative script criteria– (11 points) The goal of this assignment is to write an effective 5‐page narrative (fictional story) in proper script format that supports the theme: ‘Just one person can make a positive difference’ Delivery Either a hard copy print or electronic file (.FDR preferred) of your script. • It should be between 4.5 and 5.5 pages and properly formatted in the Hollywood narrative script format. • You should maintain a visual, present tense style of writing. • The story should be structured in a way that there is a clear setup, conflict and resolution. • The 7 narrative elements should be easily identifiable. • The script should successfully bear on the theme (I should be somewhat uplifted and feel that a single person made a positive difference). Due At the beginning of class on the due date listed on WebCT. Possible Points Your points Comments Visual, real‐time style – 1.5 Story structure– 1.5 Elements of narrative– 1.5 Proper script format– 1.5 Addresses theme– 1 Character revealed through action – 1.5 Believable dialogue – 1.5 Spelling /Grammar ‐ 1 TOTAL – 11 points ...
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