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Storyboard Assignment – 10 points

Storyboard Assignment – 10 points - visuals...

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Storyboard Assignment – 10 points (Total work time - approximately 6 hours) The goal of this project will be to translate the first two pages of the script ‘Deception’ into a compelling storyboard. You will find the script pages on WebCT. You’ll be evaluated on how well you visually capture the beats of the story, maintain continuity, convey mise en scène and the quality of your artwork. Due Date The storyboard is due by the beginning of class on the due date listed on WebCT. Delivery Hand‐drawn storyboard, scanned and uploaded to the assignment submission box on WebCT. Assessments visual storytelling Does the artist capture the beats present in the script with effective
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Unformatted text preview: visuals? 2 points Composition Did the artist follow the rule of thirds where appropriate? Do they fill the frame on close shots? Do they use static, dynamic or leading lines appropriately? 2 points Continuity Did the artist maintain eye lines and the axis of movement and action? Do the boards flow without ‘jump cuts?’ 2 points Lighting Did the storyboard artist use value to shade the boards in a way that reinforces the mood? 2 points Quality of work Are the drawings of sufficient quality that they don’t cloud the story beats? 1point Presentation Was the storyboard done on the proper paper and presented in a neat, organized fashion? 1 point...
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  • Spring '09
  • RobertMcCaffrey
  • Rule of thirds, total work time, assignment submission box, Storyboard
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